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GeoBI Initiative Wiki

Welcome to the GeoBI Initiative wiki! This wiki contains documentation and information for all the ones that are interseted in Location Intelligence.

GeoBI initiative is an ecosystem composed by different actors sharing a set of base principles that cooperate in order to reach the common purpose of making Location Intelligence adoption pervasive. More in detail the initiative has been set up with the following main objectives in mind:

  • improve the coordination work in the Location Intelligence area
  • disseminate BI knowledge in the GIS world and vice-versa
  • promote the standard-based integration between BI and Geographical Systems
  • strengthen connections and support new business opportunities among members
  • create a research network on Location Intelligence topics
  • turn research results into innovative applications.
The complete list of memebers, together with the motivations of their partecipation in the Inititive, is available here.

Before to digg into the wiki: if you are unfamiliar with open source and/or location intelligence, the following articles can be a good place to start ...

This wiki is devided in four main sections

Inititative scope

This section contains material related to the initative organization: mision, manifest, governance, ecc ..

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Working activities

This section describe the main working areas of the initiative. It is the definitive place for members of the GeoBI Inititative to discuss ideas and store inititative-related information.

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Membership is open to everyone (company, organization, individuals) who shares the initiative vision and agrees on the Initiative Manifesto. In this section you will find all the informations that you neef if you want to become a member or contributing in some other way.

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This section contains a miscelánea of external resources connected to location intelligence

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